“A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness”

-- Elaine MacDonald

One on One – Discovery Session

I was once where you are now, it hasn’t been easy, but it’s been a hell of a journey. Taking the first step towards my new self was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Using an empathic and non-judgemental approach is lacking in many hard-core coaching programs. It’s important to have steps and stages, but it’s also important to address underlying blocks in order to move to a more productive state.

This session is designed to put the mentor and client on the same page, allowing them to discover and plan together. Having a counselling and personal development skillset allows to convert  your thoughts to outcomes.

Once a foundation of trust has been established, I will suggest a package to suit. Using a series of questions to ascertain where a client may be stalling progress, I can gain insight on whether you need a power chat or ongoing support.

Weekly Package

Accountability mentoring and buddy system. In these weekly sessions I offer you support that eases tension and allows you to feel supported in whatever topic you are struggling with.

I will offer proven tools to help you reach your desired goals. If you’re planning a career change, a new business or a dabble in a chosen creative pursuit, let’s get you armed with the right tools to move you in a position of leadership and authority.

I help people pleasers to please themselves first.

Clients will be included in planning activities to encourage mindset growth and self-reliance. I will tailor a program to suit your budget, time and career constraints.

And don’t worry… I promise not to give you a book full of homework that gets left on the coffee table!

Monthly Mindset Program

An ongoing program for those wanting a compassionate and qualified mentor. I have a degree in Counselling and Human Services so you can feel safe knowing that I have your mental health wellbeing as my primary concern.

I can help you keep focused, increase confidence and tackle the fear or phobia that is holding you back from starting your project or finding your dream job!

We all need support and encouragement. Even the most successful coach or mentor has their own accountability partner! I do, and I would love to walk the journey alongside you.

**This program is not to be substituted for any type of psychological treatment plan. Please seek immediate help if you feel you need  professional medical support.

Is this service for me?

Let me tell you right now. You are enough! You don’t need fixing and you’re perfect as you are. However, sometimes we all need a sounding board. Even the greatest achievers had a coach in their team.

What about my confidentiality?
Your privacy is important. As a trained counsellor I am bound by a strict code of conduct in relation to privacy. I will not release your details or sell to any outside authority unless I feel you pose a danger to yourself or others.

Your secrets are safe with me!

Please read my privacy policy page for further information.

Is it worth the money?
Coaching can be expensive. I prefer to speak with prospective clients first so we can discover if we are mutually aligned and what type of program might suit. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better and I’m here to help in any way I can.
How can I reach you?
Reach out via email or social media.

Here’s a few reasons you may consider coaching with me.

You need help in reaching a state of grace and empowerment.

You are a people pleaser and don’t set boundaries very well.

You’re having trouble finding your path in a chaotic world.

You’re sick of corporate hierarchy and being part of the herd mentality.

You just need some productivity tips and feel stagnant.

You want to improve your likeability and improve relationships.

You feel like crap! Everything sucks! End of story!

Still Have Questions?