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Our Priority Is YOU

“ Living in grace and reverence for life is a choice, consciously chosen, and nurtured from an awareness of the sacred space within”

Is it time you left the old, outdated self behind?

Annette is a productivity mindset coach and mentor who assists individuals to break free from limiting patterns. She integrates decades of Personal Development experience, Positive Psychology, Communication and Counselling studies to successfully transform limited thinking . She provides advice and strategies on building healthy boundaries in relationships, careers and business.

Highly sensitive people (HSP) tend to overfill their cup and can burn out quickly if they have not set firm boundaries and when seeking a coach they may inadvertently choose a coach who sets tasks that can set them up to fail if they have not addressed the subconscious blockages that may be hindering progress.

Ensuring that emotional capacity is in line with goals and values is incredibly important and Being a firm believer that people have untapped potential, Annette is passionate about helping people from all backgrounds to leave behind groupthink, both in the corporate sector and in personal life. Escaping the corporate capsule enabled her to help others break the binds of self imposed restriction and lead an inspired and productive life..

Annette has a wealth of life experience and challenges to draw on and uses tools to empower, uplift and help people “know” for themselves.  Using a solutions-focused and client directed approach so that both parties can contribute to the overall healing and empowerment process is an effective method that is founded on self-reliance, positive psychology, and emotional intelligence techniques.

A vast majority of people are still finding blockages in their life path due to past trauma, attachment or childhood roadblocks. It’s time to acknowledge that we all have certain areas where we need support to move beyond the barriers and towards an existence that is peaceful and productive.

Planning ahead is something heard about in school and followed as a directive in our corporate or working lives. Correct goal setting and planning can be too overwhelming and can feel isolating if others around are not supportive or completely uninterested in branching out in a new direction. There is unlimited potential waiting to be unleashed. Whatever you are working on, Annette can help you manage your daily tasks with grace and provide simple tools to live in alignment with your aspirations.

My Approach

Do you struggle to set Boundaries? Always giving 110% to others; your business, career, family and friends, but feeling depleted or lacking in self-care?

I can assist you to achieve your goals and still have the time, passion and energy to do the things you love.

I offer a warm, empathic, and non-judgmental approach, so you can feel supported and valued in your quest to find more meaning and purpose in your life.
I am an active listener and I’m interested in hearing your story! One person can change your life!
YOU matter. Let’s get on a discovery call to see whether I can assist you in reshaping your future.


Featured Publications


  • Atomic Habits – James Clear
  • People Skills – How to assert yourself, listen to others, and
    Resolve conflicts. – Robert Bolton. PH.D
  • The Power Of Validation – Arming Your Child Against Bullying, Peer Pressure, Addiction, Self-Harm and Out-Of-Control Emotions.
    -Karen D. Hll, PH.D, Melissa H. Cook, LPC.
  • Hold Me Tight – Your Guide to the Most Successful Approach to Building Loving Relationships. – Dr Sue Johnson

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