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Guiding highly sensitive individuals to discover empowerment and freedom. Helping you to remove subliminal blocks, master your destiny ,and make decisions that achieve results!

In a world where people are hitting you with a barrage of marketing, how do you filter out the noise and find a coach and mentor who is on the same page; somebody who aligns with your vision and can propel you to a desired outcome?

You research and ask relevant questions!

“If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t you will see obstacles”
-Wayne Dyer

Identifying Obstacles.

Goal Assessment.

Tools and Resources.

Every step matters.


At Phoenix Mind Health, our priority is YOU. So in order to help us help you, we need to determine the right coach for you. Here’s a couple of questions to ask yourself before engaging in any services.

What is it you really, really need help with? What do you want? Do you feel you should be doing something, or are you filled with happiness and excitement when you think about your future?

If your goal is not aligned with your values, personal worldview and your aspirations, then you need to find a coach or mentor who empathises with your current  outlook and who can assist you in defining your why, how and overall vision and life plan.

It is simply pointless to spend thousands of dollars on premium programs if you do not have the emotional intensity to propel you forward. Congruency and transparency are essential components to the coaching/client relationship. Regular feedback from both parties should be encouraged and used to plan further sessions.

There is no “one size fits all” approach at Phoenix Mind Health. You are unique and will be treated with respect, integrity and warm regard.

Identifying Obstacles

Step one in any program is to identify what is holding us back. People have an innate desire to reach a place of meaning, and be able to help others do the same. Phoenix Mind Health is committed to working with clients in the initial stages to create an optimistic mindset that is permanent no matter what life throws at you. The program is designed to shift emotion from stagnation or blockage to a state of grace where you benefit and so do those around you!

Goal Assessment

It is important to ascertain whether current goals are realistic, achievable and in alignment with the self. Biting off  “more than you can chew” is a common mistake individuals make  in a heightened emotional state when excitement has taken over and the reality has not yet set in. This is a common occurrence with highly sensitive and intuitive people. At Phoenix Mind Health the client will be guided to set realistic goals in pursuit of the bigger picture. Progress makes us happy. Keeping goals manageable, actionable and results focused is key in a successful outcome.

Tools and Resources

What tools do you have in your reservoir? Individuals who are in a low energy or conflicted emotional state may disregard their own treasure chest of resources. Do you know what resources are needed to help you move in a direction that aligns with your mission? Learning to trust your intuition is a sure-fire way to ensure you are making bold decisions based on your innate capabilities and not on what others feel are your best traits. Remember, your loved ones will want to keep you safe; they mean well, but are not in any position to know how you will perform in your chosen endeavour.

About Me

Annette is a productivity mindset coach and mentor who assists individuals to break free from limiting patterns. She integrates decades of Personal Development experience, Positive Psychology, Communication and Counselling studies to successfully transform limited thinking . She provides advice and strategies on building healthy boundaries in relationships, careers and business.


Highly sensitive people (HSP) tend to overfill their cup and can burn out quickly if they have not set firm boundaries and when seeking a coach they may inadvertently choose a coach who sets tasks that can set them up to fail if they have not addressed the subconcious blockages that may be hindering progress.


Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Secrets to Success. Why not Discover Yours?

Personal Development has been part of my success strategy for over 20 years. I consistently worked on aspects of my thinking and emotional intelligence to capitalise on opportunities in order to grow and prosper both personally and professionally. I want to help YOU do the same.

After completing studies in Information Technology, Personal Development, e-commerce, academic studies in Human Services/Counselling and surfing the corporate wave I am now enjoying the chance to share what I have learned and to teach others how to access various methodologies to improve every aspect of life.

Finding balance in a chaotic world can be overwhelming. Everyone needs a champion. Somebody to challenge, motivate and celebrate all the wins on the journey.

YOU are enough. And I believe you can, and you will.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!